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What size board shorts should I order?
Based on feedback from customers and our own team members, the answer depends on what you’ll be doing in your Birdies and your personal style. Help us provide you size guidance by answering the following two questions:

What’s the typical level of activity when wearing your Birdies?
How do you prefer your Birdies to fit?

We suggest that you order your exact pant size.


For specific measurements please check out our size chart. If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit, we offer refunds on all unworn and unwashed items. Please note that custom products, including items with custom patches and/or buttons, cannot be returned.

What if I do not know my size but want to place an order for a custom?
Thanks for wanting to invest in one-of-a-kind style right out of the gates! Before you place your custom order, we would encourage you to carefully review our Size Chart as well as to complete the two-question form directly above. Fit is a highly personal thing, but we’ve done our best to provide you the necessary info to make the right decision for you.

Please keep in mind that customs are made to order especially for you. We are unable to accept returns on customized products, including orders with custom patches.

Does Birdwell build custom sizes?
We are able to build even numbered sizes up to size 50 in our 310, 311, 312, and 808 styles. The size range between 43-50 must be ordered as a custom. We are not able to build shorts with a custom length or alter our existing patterns in any way. Prior to placing a custom order, please keep in mind that custom orders cannot be returned. 

Do Birdwell board shorts shrink?
When properly cared for, Birdwell board shorts will not shrink and will last decades. 

We recommend washing your Birdwells in cold water on a gentle cycle. Line dry only. Never tumble dry, or you will bake your Birdies. Whether you take a dip in the ocean or wear your board shorts in a pool, we suggest giving them a quick rinse in fresh water afterwards.

Do Birdwell board shorts have a mesh liner?
No. All Birdwell board shorts are constructed with two layers of SurfNyl, facilitating frictionless movement and making the board shorts incredibly durable. When we refer to lining, we are referring to the inner layer of SurfNyl.

Why can't I find my size in Classic Style board shorts?
Our Classic Styles are no longer in production and have been replaced by the 310, 311, and 312. The 310 is an equivalent fit to the 301, the 311 is equivalent to 303, and 312 is equivalent to 323. If you would really like to stick to a Classic Style – a custom order can be placed. For more information on our customs program - take a look at our customs page – here.

How long does it take for product in my size to be back in stock?
For production times on products, please give us a call at 844-247-3935 or email us at [email protected] for more information. We will do our best to provide you with an estimated completion date.

Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $99:

We offer free USPS shipping on all orders over $99 shipped to destinations in the United States. 

When will my order ship?
We fulfill orders from the factory Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM PST. Items ordered Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday will ship the following Monday.

We do our best to process your order quickly. Orders in stock are planned to ship out the following day during the week (including USPS and FedEx), but peak periods can result in additional processing time. Please note that once an order has been processed we are unable to make changes to the order.

Want it Sooner?
Expedited shipping options from FedEx are also available at checkout.

International Shipping
We offer several great shipping options around the world. Simply begin the checkout process to display options and pricing to your location with no credit card information required.

U.S. Orders Under $99
There is a $5.00 flat-rate shipping fee on all U.S. orders under $99.

What type of packaging will my order be shipped in?
All orders are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. Our polymailers are made with 20% recycled low-density material and our boxes are made using a minimum of 30% recycled material.

Returns & Exchanges

Free Return Shipping on Orders Over $99
We’ll do all we can for you to love your Birdwell Beach Britches products. Unworn and unused Birdwell products, excluding customs, can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.

Can I make an exchange?
Yes you can! To make an exchange please fill out and include the exchange form - here. Ship us the products you wish to exchange along with the completed form and we will take care of the rest. Please double check our website to confirm that the item you are exchanging for is in stock. We are not able to offer exchanges on international orders.

Is there a time limit on returns & exchanges?
We gladly accept returns & exchanges of unwashed and unworn stock items that are returned within 30 days of receiving your order.

How do I return my order? 
To return an order please fill out the return form - here. Mail the products you wish to return along with the completed form to the following address:

Birdwell Beach Britches
2129 South Wright Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Please note that we are unable to accept returns of worn or washed items or custom orders, including products that have been customized with patches and/or buttons. 

How Do I Receive a Free Return Label?
We offer free returns on any U.S. order over $99. The return label will be included with your package.

Can I return Birdwell product to the factory store after purchasing it from one of your authorized dealers?
We do not accept returns from purchases made outside our website or factory store. The return must be made with the place of purchase.

How long does it take for my return or exchange to be processed?
After your shipment arrives at the factory we typically process your return or exchange within 48 hours. If your shipment arrives Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday, we will process it the following Monday. Custom products will not be accepted to return or exchange.

Custom Items: Custom items are made to order and therefore cannot be returned. Call us at 844-BIRDWELL if you’re not 100% happy with your custom order.


Can I return my custom order?
Due to the uniqueness of customized products, we are unable to accept returns. Custom orders are made to order especially for you, and include product customized with patches and buttons.

Before you place your custom order, we would encourage you to carefully review our Size Chart as well as to complete the two-question form in the Sizing section above. Fit is a highly personal thing, but we’ve done our best to provide you the necessary info to make the right decision for you.

Please contact us at by phone 844-247-3935 or email at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Do you still offer custom board shorts? How do I order customs?
Yes! You can order online here. Before ordering a custom, please make sure you know which size fits you best. We are unable to accept returns of custom built products.

Check the Sizing section and our Size Chart above for guidance on size, or contact us via phone at 844-247-3935 or email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Can I use outside fabric to build a custom product?
No. We only use our own fabric for stock or custom product.

Do you offer custom jackets? How do I order a custom jacket?
You are able to build custom color combinations for our Competition and Racing jacket styles. Give us a call at 844-247-3935 or email us at [email protected] to make an order or to inquire further.

Do you still offer floral print fabric for stock items or customs?
We do not have floral print fabric available in stock or for custom builds at this time. Please check our customs page for available fabric – here.

Can I order a Limited Edition style as a custom?
Limited Edition styles may or may not be available as a custom build. We have minimal materials for each Limited Edition offered and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If we have fabric available, you are welcome to use the material in your custom order. 


We guarantee every product made by Birdwell. Since 1961, all Birdwell product has been backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects with a policy of repair or replacement. QUALITY IS OUR GIMMICK is not just a slogan, it’s a commitment we honor with every material we source and every stitch we sew. For more information on our guarantee please read here.

How do I know if my damaged product is covered?
Birdwell guarantees workmanship and materials including but not limited to fabric, seams, drawstrings, grommets, Velcro, buckles, and buttons for a product’s lifetime. All damaged products are subject to evaluation by Birdwell customer service. If the damage is deemed to be covered by our guarantee, but determined to be irreparable, we may replace the product or send a gift card for the most recent price of the product. Birdwell will cover the domestic shipping costs for the product repair / replacement process.

What does “lifetime guarantee” mean?
“Lifetime” is the time at which, under normal use, the product can no longer serve the purpose for which it was created. We will continue to repair your item's seams, drawstring, grommets, Velcro, buckles, and buttons until the fabric can no longer hold a stitch.

When you say “normal wear and tear” or “normal use” what do you mean?
After lots of time outside, a once vibrant red may turn a lighter, sun-bleached hue. You might have some wax residue on the seat or in the pocket. The drawstring may begin to fray slightly after lacing up for the umpteenth time. These are examples of normal wear and tear; not defective workmanship or materials. If they describe your Birdwell product, we congratulate you! Birdwell looks best with a well-worn patina, making it uniquely yours and reflecting time well spent.

What if I have a damaged Birdwell item that I purchased from one of your authorized retailers?
Our guarantee applies to all Birdwell items purchased from authorized retailers. Please note that every item is subject to proof of purchase at an authorized dealer and an evaluation by Birdwell customer service.

How long do repairs take?
Most repairs will take up to 10 business days after the shipment is received at our factory. This timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the repair. Our customer service team will be in contact within 24 hours of receiving the shipment to acknowledge receipt of the item and advise on repair time.

Do you repair damage not covered by the guarantee?
We will do our best to repair these items at a cost proportionate to the extent of the damage. Birdwell customer service reserves the right to determine if the repair is possible and what the associated cost will be. Repair costs must be paid in full before repairs are completed.

Where do I ship my repair?
Prior to shipping your repair. Please include a small note including your name, shipping address, and phone number. In order to repair, product MUST BE WASHED. If an item is sent back unwashed – we will send it back without repair. Please ship all repairs to:

Birdwell Beach Britches
2129 South Wright Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

How do I care for my Birdwell product?
We recommend washing your Birdwells in cold water on a gentle cycle. Line dry only. Never tumble dry, or you will bake your Birdies. After every use, whether you take a dip in the ocean or wear your board shorts in a pool, we suggest giving them a quick rinse in fresh water afterwards.

Birdwell is not responsible for any type of stain created on your purchased product. Unfortunately, we do not offer a stain removal service.


Are there any job opportunities at Birdwell?
Please visit the Careers page for information about our open positions. If you don't find any open positions that fit your profile, feel free to email a cover letter and resume to [email protected], sharing why you're interested in Birdwell and how you think you can help. We're always open to talking with passionate and talented people!

Can I visit the Factory Store in Santa Ana, CA?
We love visitors! Stop by anytime between 8:00AM and 4:00PM to shop and peek inside the factory. You can find us at – 2129 S. Wright St. Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Do any stores near me carry Birdwell?
Check out our authorized dealers page for a list of our retailers here: Birdwell Authorized Dealers

How do I find out about new Birdwell product and current promotions?
Please join our newsletter for any updates on product and promotions! You can do so by going to our website and scrolling to the bottom of the screen. There is a “Join the newsletter” section – enter your email and you are all set!

Can I put in a large group order?
If you are interested in putting in a group order – please contact [email protected] for more information.

Can I order private label product from Birdwell?
We do not offer private label builds for any of our products.

How do I become sponsored by Birdwell?
We are a small company and do not offer sponsorships at this time, but thank you for the stoke!

Still have questions? Give us a call at 844-247-3935 or email us at [email protected].

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