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The Dazzling Blue #32: Josh Guerra On The Lifeguarding Life

Posted by Birdwell Beach Britches on

Josh Guerra is an Oahu lifeguard, a surfer, a gigging musician, and a 40-year-old man who knows firsthand the power of intention. He did not grow up on the beach. Raised in Colorado and Kansas, a graduate of Texas Christian University, it took a lot of mind power to find his way to the balmy waters of Hawaii. “It’s so unreal, he told me. “Honolulu’s turned into a cosmopolitan place since I moved here in 1999.” Josh has been lifeguarding for seventeen years. His stoke is contagious. We spoke on the phone, him in Waikiki, me in Malibu. By the end of the conversation I was ready to swan dive into the surf.

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