Hang 10 with Birdie: Wingnut

Hang 10 with Birdie: Wingnut


One of the best parts about being around for as long as Birdwell has are the friends we’ve made along the way, in and out of the water. On one particularly sunny Southern California day we were talking shop with one of our favorite watermen and it occurred to us: you’d probably like to meet them too. Introducing Hang 10 with Birdie. Every once in awhile, we’ll feature one of Birdie’s pals, and their answers to ten of life’s big (and not so big) questions about what keeps them going and how they got stoked in the first place.

What better way to get started than with our old friend and Brand Ambassador Wingnut? A longboarder from the day he started at Blackies in Newport Beach, if you’ve seen him surf (maybe in Endless Summer II?) you’ll recognize his friendly, classic style right away.

1. What's your super power?

Making any wave look fun….

2. Would you rather be able to have night vision or to paddle as fast as a jet ski?

Night vision….as i already paddle as fast as a jet ski

3. Which three people, living or historical, would you invite to dinner? Why?

  • Duke Kahanamoku - To hear the tales of Waikiki and bringing surfing to the world…
  • JFK - Get him to spill the beans on Marilyn Monroe
  • Marilyn Monroe - To get her to spill the beans on JFK

4. Best compliment you ever received?

“you make it look so easy”….surfing



5. What’s your favorite word, or one you use all the time?


6. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Indian Ocean, Maldives, southern atolls

7. Is there a day in your life that you’d like to live over again?

Meeting Bruce Brown and getting to go into the Ranch for the first time with him

8. Coolest animal you’ve bumped into out in the water?

baby grey whale

9. Last product you recommended?

Rainbow Fin 11” Long Rake - Wingnut model

10. Best memory in Birdwells?

See photo. Me at Witches Rock in Costa Rica