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Welcome back to Hang 10 with Birdie, where we catch up with friends Birdwell has made along the way, in and out of the water. In this edition, we have the pleasure of hanging with photographer and filmmaker Scott Soens. Born and raised in Jersey, Scott’s love for the water started early – life guarding for seven summers at Avalon Beach (in his city issued Birdies!) and playing water polo in school, which eventually led him to the University of Miami where he studied art and photography while also competing in the pool. After apprenticing with several professional photographers post-graduation, Scott struck out to develop his own style of visual storytelling. We’re glad he did. His commercial work has been featured by too many great brands and in too many publications to list. Same goes for his film credits, which span the action sports and music industries, but we’d be remiss not to mention his work on some of our favorite surf films -- A Brokedown Melody, New Emissions of Light and Sound, Come Hell or High Water, Shelter, and Sprout to name a few.



1) What's your super power?

  • Dad jokes, Nah I'd say Swimming for extended periods

2) Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

  • The power of flight...levitation holmes



3) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

  • Here with my Family

4) If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your days, which one would it be?

  • Bob Marley, Legend. as a lifeguard I sat alone at the end of a season on skeleton crew for two weeks. I was stuck with a radio that didn't work and the tape player did. That was the only tape I had. I never got sick of it.



5) Favorite book?

  • Dan Eldon's The Journey is the Destination

6) What’s your favorite word, or one you use all the time?

  • Intervalometer.  or   F&*k



7) What’s in your car trunk right now?

  • Fins, board shorts, bunch of random clothes, film

8) Longboard or short board?

  • Depends on the waves!



9) Any pre-surf rituals you MUST do?

  • Nope...out there !

10) Coolest animal you’ve bumped into out in the water?

  • Penguin


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