Hang 10 with Birdie: Mapache

Hang 10 with Birdie: Mapache


Welcome back to Hang 10 with Birdie, where we catch up with friends Birdwell has made along the way, in and out of the water. This go-round we’re keeping time with acoustic rockers and boardsmen Clay Finch and Sam Blassucci, otherwise known as Mapache. Whether you call them psych country, cosmic Americana, or something else entirely, there’s a distinctly Californian vibe to the boys’ sound that that can’t help but remind us of nights spent staring at the sky listening to the crashing waves. Originally from Glendale, Finch and Blassucci also play in Grateful Shred, a Dead-endorsed cover 
band that doesn’t so much cover the legends’ hits as it does channel their freewheeling energy and on-point musicianship. Simply put, the boys, like their music, keep it wide open—and we’re thinking the world could use some more of that.



1) What's your super power?

I can fall asleep really easily (Clay)

2) Which three people, living or historical, would you invite to dinner? Why?

Dan Horne, Shaggy (the performer), and Shaggy (scooby’s pal). For obvious reasons. (Sam)



3) Where are you as you answer these questions?

Chicago airport! I just ate a hot dog (Clay)

4)  If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico (Sam)



5) If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your days, which one would it be?

Antarayaami by Nina Rao (Clay)

6) Any pre-surf rituals you MUST do?

I play the theme from innermost limits of pure fun, crystal shingles by the farm, every time haha (Clay)



7) Favorite wave?

93.5 KDAY on sunday nights in Los Angeles. (Sam)

8) Coolest animal you’ve bumped into out in the water?

The cormorant is my favorite!!! (Clay)



9)  The current background image on your phone?

Black and white photo of Gabby Pahinui with his mother at the kitchen table. (Sam) 

10.) Best memory in Birdwells?

Singing buck Owens karaoke at desert hot springs by myself (Clay) 

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