Hang 10 with Birdie: Karina Rozunko

Hang 10 with Birdie: Karina Rozunko



Welcome back to Hang 10 with Birdie, where we catch up with friends Birdwell has made along the way, in and out of the water. This time around we are catching up with surfer Karina Rozunko. Growing up in San Clemente only a few miles from our home, she has an easy-going, distinctly Californian style, equally as enjoyable to watch in free surfs as when she’s winning contests like the recent Surf Relik event at Malibu. Karina’s style in the water has taken her from long point breaks in Australia to the warm waters of Sayulita, Mexico and back again. Add an enviable desire to travel, and always-palpable stoke, and it's easy to see why Karina makes an ideal ambassador for the sport.



1)  What's your super power?

  • Time Travel

2) Where are you as you answer these questions?

  • On an airplane



3) Best compliment you ever received?

  • “Your toes are as bubbly as frog eyes”

4) Your perfect pizza?

  • Thin crust with goat cheese prosciutto cherry tomatoes and arugula



5) Who do you trust the most?

  • My Diary


6) What’s in your car trunk right now?

  • A few surfboards, a guitar and a lot of blankets



7) Longboard or short board?

  • I’ll go for both but Longboard is my main dish

8) Coolest animal you’ve bumped into out in the water?

  • A little furry Otter.



9) Favorite appliance or tool?

  • Nail File

10) Best memory in Birdwells?

  • Surfing in them :p



All photos by Sarah Lee. @hisarahlee