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What It Means to Be a Surfer
Dazzling Blue #94

"Life is a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get" goes the famous Forrest Gump line, but I've always thought of it more like Christmas morning, when you rip into all those beautiful presents. That is how it went for Dallas-based creative director Brandon Little when he came across an original 1965 Windansea Surf Club membership packet on eBay. He ripped open his present (i.e., he bought it) and, along with a decal, patch, and iron-on transfer, he got MY CREED  by A Surfer.


          MY CREED  is a very special artifact from a time when surfing was individualist, countercultural, maybe even a little revolutionary. In ten punching paragraphs, the author, A Surfer, kicks against what at the time were new things: contests, sponsors, industry. He/She posits surfing as art far more than sport. In fact MY CREED  transcends surfing—it’s philosophical, a recipe for a life of integrity. It’s a nice piece to take in at this time of year. May it inspire you as you plot, chart, and imagine your 2019. Happy New Year!


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