Custom Spotlight #7: Kyle Albers

Custom Spotlight #7: Kyle Albers


We customize our lives and the environment that surrounds us every day — from things as big as shaping our own boards to the smallest ones, like adding that little bit of extra milk to our coffee.

     In our Custom Spotlight series, we’re exploring the process of some of our favorite artists, musicians, and creatives to learn how they see their world and to find out what drives them to get their hands dirty and bring their ideas to life. We also give them free reign to create their own custom, one-of-a-kind Birdwell gear, and to bring their unique vision of our California tradition into the world.

Shaper, surfer, and all-round good time Kyle Albers spends his days the way we wish we could: crafting and testing playful surfboards for his brand, Deepest Reaches. Instantly grok-able thanks to his lanky build and unique designs, Albers makes boards in a self-taught style that’s a little bit classic, a little bit goofy, and always overflowing with his personal style. We set the OC-based artist loose to bring playful shapes and clever twists to a pair of his own custom Birdwell pieces.

1) How did you get started?

I shaped my first board in the garage in 2008.  It was a very crude D fin with reverse rocker but it went surprisingly well!

2) Tell us about your artistic process.

I have an idea for a board then I make it over and over again trying to get it right.

3) Is your work a collaborative or solo process?

I definitely appreciate feedback from friends and customers but its 99% solo. 

4) Describe your workplace/studio.

Dark and dusty with either NPR or Power 106 on the radio.  

5) Describe your ideal workplace/studio.

Same but with a robot that cleans the foam dust.  

6) What does a working day look like for you?

Wake up.  Tea. Computer chess.  Drive thru Laguna Canyon to work. Shape a board.  Hopefully have time for an evening surf.  

7) Aritists/Musicians that inspire you ______.

My wife, Girl DJ ARK.

8) What does Southern California mean to you?

Drought-tolerant landscaping.

9) How important is the outdoors/surf/beach to your work?


10) Favorite beach/vacation spot and what it means to your art.

SanO: the Ultimate Proving Ground.

11) How important is a connection to the past/classics to your work?

For sure.  Wouldn't be able to do it if it weren't for all the shapers who came before. 

12) Can you tell us one rule that governs yourself/your art?

The only rule is there are no rules.

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