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Birdie Beach Towel - White

Birdie Beach Towel - White

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A super-soft, super-strong oversized cotton towel 100% grown and sewn in the USA. Featuring the one-and-only Birdie.

Good beach towels are hard to find. When we set out to make ours, we wanted to make sure we were stoked to put the Birdwell name on them, and — obviously — we wanted something that felt really good after a dip. After a long search, we found just what we were looking for at the last factory that still makes ‘em like they used to: right here in the USA, from 100% American-grown cotton. Our first batch sold out immediately after we introduced them, and since then we’ve been working double-time to add new colors and styles, including three variations of our Competition Stripe,  two different styles of camo, and one featuring our iconic mascot, Birdie.

Our Birdie Beach Towels are all the proof you need that, sometimes, bigger is still better. Oversized at 60” x 30” with a looped, extra absorbent back and a smooth, sheared front, they’re halfway between your favorite towel and a beach blanket. The additional thickness makes them just right for blocking the wind while you wait for your friends to get “one last wave.” Featuring our classic “Birdie” character designed by legendary creative director Mike Salisbury (Surfer Magazine, George Harrison, Levi’s) this towel is a radically soft tribute to a bit of American surf history.

  • Features: Sheared front for extra softness. Looped back for extra absorbency.
  • Dimensions: 60" x 30" 
  • Fabric: 100% USA grown cotton
  • Construction: Yarn dyed. Made in the USA.
  • Care: Machine wash. Tumble dry.

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      Made from 100% American-grown and woven cotton
      for superior quality.

      Dyed yarn for classic surf style

      Yarn Dyed

      For classic surf style that stays ultra-soft
      and stands the test of time
      Looped back for extra absorbency

      Looped Back

      For extra absorbency

      Quality is our Gimmick

      Handmade in the USA
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