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Cotton Knit Sweater – Navy & Cream

Cotton Knit Sweater – Navy & Cream

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A fine, warm knit sweater inspired by Northern California’s cold water warriors.

After an exceptionally warm response from our customers, we’ve decided to take this limited-edition release into full production for the season. Despite its carefree reputation, the history of surfing was written in equal part by dedicated folk whose biggest obstacle was the inhospitable temps of their local waters. Even in sunny Southern California, at least half of every surfer’s life is spent trying to get warm — or staying that way. In the 1940s and 1950s, before he invented the wetsuit, surf pioneer Jack O’Neill and his friends took to the icy breaks of San Francisco and Santa Cruz clad in thick sweaters like those worn by North Coast fishermen.  

Inspired by these warm knits, our Cotton Knit Sweater is made with the same commitment to quality as our warm-weather apparel, but in 5-gauge 100% medium weight cotton yarn, dyed navy and cream. With a chunky ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem that give it a substantial look worthy of its inspirations, this soft USA-made crew neck knit sweater is built to outlast lower quality counterparts. It boasts fully fashioned construction — meaning that instead of simply being sewn together at the seams, each piece is knitted together with linked stitching that creates a handsome, refined look. Birdwell’s signature competition stripes are woven directly into the sweater’s arm, and SurfNyl elbow patches also reinforce the arms, making this cozy sweater warm and welcome wherever the waves take you.

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