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Comp Stripe Beach Towel - Navy & Orange / Gold

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Go for speed with an 100% American-made, super soft cotton towel inspired by our classic 1960’s competition jackets.

We set out to create a towel worthy of the Birdwell name, and we found what we were looking for at the last factory that still makes ‘em like they used to: right here in the USA from 100% American cotton. With a looped back to soak up extra water and a smooth, sheared front for softness, they’re halfway between your favorite towel and a beach blanket — perfect for blocking the wind while you wait for your friends to get “one last wave.”

Now available in 4 colors, our towels are a radical way to bring classic surf style to the beach, river or pool — besides your Birdies, of course.

  • 100% USA grown cotton
  • Yarn dyed 
  • Sheared front for extra softness
  • Looped back for extra absorbency
  • 60" x 30"

We’re continuing Birdwell’s Southern California tradition making purpose-built apparel and accessories.

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