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Paul’s story in his own words, from Waikiki beginnings to his lasting impact on the sport today.

Our collaboration with surfing icon Paul Strauch, the Gentleman Surfer, and inventor of the Cheater Five.

There are some people without whom surfing would not be the sport it is today, and without a doubt, longboard legend Paul Strauch is one of them. Strauch authored a permanent piece of surf history when he invented the Cheater Five (or the Strauch Crouch, Strauch Stretch, or Paul Strauch Five, depending on who you ask) in the mid-1960s. A critical link between the first generation of Hawaiian pro surfers and 70s short board speedsters like Gerry Lopez, Strauch influenced the course of modern surfing with his elegant style, gracious demeanor and aloha spirit.

A native Hawaiian, Strauch caught his first waves on his father’s heavy redwood board, learned from some of the original Waikiki Beach Boys, and was even selected as one of four riders in surfing godfather Duke Kahanamoku’s team. For most of his career he surfed balsa wood boards, which gave rise to the Cheater Five, a maneuver he used to trim the large, unwieldy boards in big Hawaiian surf. Over the decades of influence Paul has bestowed upon the sport, he’s remained an active advocate for our oceans, an avid surfer, and a seriously positive force in the world.

We're extremely stoked to partner with Paul Strauch to bring you our collaboration, the 311 Limited-Edition Paul Strauch Board Shorts, now available for purchase.

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Special Features:

  • Wooden buttons inspired by Strauch’s first ride on his dad’s redwood board
  • Embroidered patch with Strauch silhouette and “Malama Ke Kai” (“Cherish Our Oceans”)
  • Special Hawaii-only “Aloha” Birdie label
  • Royal blue SurfNyl exterior with gold lining
  • Red and gold stripes down both legs in tribute to Hawaiian royalty
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