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Why are you having an Summer's Not Over Sale?
We want to close out the summer and Birdwell's 55th Anniversary year by offering the original price on our classic styles.  

How does the sale work?
All you have to do is navigate to your classic style of choice then select your color and size. All classic styles are $9.95 for the duration of the sale.

How long will the sale run for?
The offer is valid for orders made on on Tuesday, September 6th from 6:00 am to 11:59 pm PDT.

Can I return or exchange my sale purchase?
All classic style shorts purchased during our End of Summer Sale cannot be returned or exchanged. All sales are final.

What if I do not see my size?
Unfortunately that means we are sold out of that size in that particular style. Try browsing a different style short.

Do you have more sizes available?
All of our sale inventory is currently available on our website. We do not have any additional stock. You might want to try searching for a different style or color if your size is sold out.

What styles included in the sale?
All of our classic styles including: 301, 303, 323, 363, 333, 305, and 307

Are you offering women's or kid's shorts during the sale?
This promotion is only for the men's classic styles. It does not include women's or kid's shorts.

Is there a limit to how many shorts I can purchase during the sale?

I missed the sale, can I still order shorts at the discounted price?
The sale is valid from 6:00 am to 11:59 pm PDT only; we are unable to offer the discounted price outside this window. Please subscribe to our newsletter to hear about any future deals or new products.

Why haven't I received my order yet?
Our shipping team is working their hardest to get your order shipped out as soon as possible. Orders will ship out based on the order in which they are received. Please allow 5-8 days of handling time.

I ordered the wrong size. Is there anything that can be done?
All purchases made during the sale are final.

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