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Natas Kaupas Designs

Birdwell Creative Director Natas Kaupas grew up in Southern California, surfing, riding BMX, and skating. Along with his friend Mark Gonzales, he invented the vocabulary of modern street skating by translating moves from the waves to the sidewalks of Santa Monica, and as a designer and creative director since the 1990s, he’s enlivened the output of many skate and surf brands with his humble but radical voice. Natas has been working behind the scenes at Birdwell for more than a year now, so we’re super stoked to introduce the first three Natas Kaupas Designs patches created exclusively for Birdwell.

Just like our other patches, we can sew any of the 3 Natas Kaupas Designs patches on anything from our board shorts, to competition jackets, towels, and totes. Here’s his take for each:

Natas Kaupas patch collection panther patch
Natas Kaupas patch collection cidney patch
Natas Kaupas patch collection whale patch

If you have never added a patch to a Birdwell product, it’s easy. Simply navigate to your favorite product page, click on the ADD PATCHES & BUTTONS button, check the box next to the preferred patch location (for board shorts) and patch type, and select the patch of your choice from the drop-down menu. Add the product to your cart.

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Four persons on a rock wearing Birdwell jackets and Birdwell board shorts

We’re continuing Birdwell’s Southern California tradition making purpose-built apparel and accessories.

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