Graphic Designer

Job Summary

Birdwell Beach Britches is looking for a full-time, in-house Graphic Designer to join our marketing team. In this role, you will be responsible for managing the development and execution of creative and marketing assets from conception to production, reporting to and under the direction of the Art Director and Creative Director. Success requires an enthusiastic understanding of our consumers, our product, our brand, our partners, and our technology platform capabilities and results in stronger brand health metrics, increased traffic, engagement, and conversion rates across all channels with a focus on digital marketing.


  • Partner with leadership and team members across departments to increase Birdwell’s brand awareness, relevance, and product marketing performance. 

  • Create new ideas, designs, and layouts for creative assets to be used in online and offline marketing materials and company collateral. 

  • Collaborate on all phases of brand and product content development. Projects will span brand and product marketing objectives and across still photography, videography, animation, illustrations, and web design disciplines. 

  • Responsible for creating and proofing materials during all project phases.
  • Organize and manage all creative files on company servers. 


  • The ideal candidate has an artist’s soul combined with a worker’s compulsion to produce. We’re looking for someone who is early in his/her career with fine art sensibilities who also wants to fully understand how creative supports business operations. Someone who can find and maintain the balance between art and commerce.
  • BA or higher degree with 2+ years of experience as a graphic designer or in design related roles.
  • Must be self-motivated, hard-working, well organized, and resilient to ever-changing timelines, requests, and deliverables.
  • Must welcome constructive criticism and enjoy all aspects of the creative process.
  • Ability to work quickly, efficiently, and accurately within all required aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and office productivity apps like Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, and Google Apps.
  • Professional skills and interest in photography, videography, motion graphics, illustration, and/or production design preferred.
  • Knowledge of the theory and techniques required to compose and produce visual art.
  • Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. Digital marketing and E-commerce experience preferred.
  • Must be excited to collaborate with excellent ability to effectively communicate ideas visually, verbally, and in writing.
  • Must have excellent time-management skills and be detail-oriented.