Because of the incredible response to our Birdie Mask Buy One / Give One program, we’ve donated 40,000 masks (and counting) to CORE to aid in their vital work providing free coronavirus testing for high-risk communities across the United States. 

Also thanks to you, our customers, we’ve been able to retain our entire team of expert craftspeople, each of whom are proud to play a small part in helping keep you safe and keep producing quality products in the Birdwell traditionwithout compromise. 

However, making masks is only part of the solution, so we’re introducing a new program.

Birdwell will donate 1% of all sales on to funding the CDC Foundation’s mission to develop a cure to COVID-19 and to support those on the front lines.

That’s it. Nothing fancy, no restrictions, no exceptions, no fine print. 

It’s important to us to ensure your dollars will go to the place they’ll do the most good, so we’ve done our homework. Here’s a short crib sheet:


The CDC Foundation is a nonprofit created by Congress in 1995 to help fund the CDC’s critical health protection work. The CDC Foundation has been vetted by Charity Navigator, receiving a 4-star/Exceptional rating (their highest), as well as by Global Giving, who verify that over 90% of donations go towards program expenses (a very high percentage). You can find their overall rating here in greater detail if you’re interested.

Your purchase counts, now more than ever. Every California-made mask you buy from Birdwell means a volunteer on the front lines won’t be without one, and now, every dollar you invest in Birdwell gear will bring us that much closer to a cure.